Baby Powder May Cause Ovarian Cancer & Mesothelioma

If you’re one of the millions who believed talc-based baby powder was safe to use, and later became sick, it’s time to act. Duncan|Stubbs will make sure you receive maximum compensation.

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Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that its baby powder products could be dangerous.

As far back as the 1970s, researchers warned that talc-based baby powder could contain traces of asbestos. Johnson & Johnson kept this a secret and, now, countless women suffer from ovarian cancer. If baby powder made you sick, file your lawsuit before it’s too late.

You have a limited time to file a claim, so don't wait! You may be entitled to substantial compensation!

This Is Important to Us

The Duncan|Stubbs team has been there for talc powder cancer victims since the very beginning. In 2016, when women began coming forward with claims that their ovarian cancer diagnosis was caused by using Johnson & Johnson baby powder, we made it our mission to stand up and fight for them and anyone else harmed.

We proudly stand up for clients who deserve the highest settlement amounts possible. And we will not let up until we secure it for them.

Over the years, we’ve fought on behalf of over 10,000 clients to ensure they see the compensation they deserve. Our most highly specialized attorneys across the nation are prepared to take up the fight against Johnson & Johnson for you, too. We will waste no time in ensuring your case has a winning legal strategy behind it, driven by your unique story. It deserves to be told and to be heard by those responsible.

Contact us to share your story, find out if you may qualify for a settlement, and let us get to work for you. There are no upfront costs.

Do you qualify?

  • You (or your loved one) used a talc-based powder in the genital area for one or more years
  • You (or your loved one) were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000 or later OR diagnosed with mesothelioma

No fee unless you receive compensation.

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Let Us Address Your Questions & Concerns

Money concerns shouldn’t stand between you and the justice you deserve. There is no cost to learn if you may qualify for a settlement. We’ll review your case at no charge. Additionally, we work on a contingency basis. That means you won’t pay us a dime in legal fees unless you win compensation.

Yes. Peer-reviewed research suggests a direct link between Johnson & Johnson baby powder use and ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. That’s why courts are ruling in favor of people in your situation. The evidence is compelling enough for judges and juries to agree you deserve justice.

We understand if you’re worried about proving talc-based baby powder made you sick. It may even be what’s holding you back from taking action–but don’t let it. There is so much more to your story that matters. We have extensive experience establishing usage history and using it to build successful cases.

It’s true that Johnson & Johnson is throwing massive amounts of money at these cases in the hopes of protecting their bottom line. But no company is too big or powerful to lose a lawsuit when it’s supported by years of research and plenty of precedent. That’s the kind of legal care we leverage to get you the settlement you’re owed.

Our goal is to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. After you provide us with a few pieces of information, we’ll take over to handle every aspect of your case. Duncan|Stubbs will work around the clock to deliver justice to you in the form of life-changing compensation–not a check for a few dollars.

Every case is unique, so we aren’t able to predict your settlement amount. However, previous cases can give us an idea of what you could expect. Other clients have secured settlements ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions–it depends on your unique circumstances. Importantly, you won’t have to split your payout with dozens of other people. Your case will be fought and decided on its own, so we can focus on getting you the best possible outcome.

Talc-based baby powder cancer cases are incredibly complex. It could take years to reach a verdict–and you can bet Johnson & Johnson is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on legal defense to fight these claims every step of the way. Imagine how much it would cost to pay an attorney upfront to argue your case against their team of high-priced lawyers for 5 years. Without exception, these cases cost significant amounts of money and time to see through to a verdict. We take that on so you don’t have to.

Call us toll-free at 866-615-3961 or complete the submission form on this page. In as little as 10 minutes, we’ll know if you may qualify for a settlement. There’s no downside or risk to see if you qualify. Your case review is free, and you’ll pay no legal fees unless you’re awarded compensation.

Duncan|Stubbs gets to work for you. With your permission, we’ll gather evidence, medical records, and anything else we need to prove your case. There are no mountains of paperwork or stressful deadlines for you to manage; we handle it all. You’ll have an entire team of people working behind the scenes to build and manage your case, and update you along the way.

We’re here for anything you need.

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How Do We Know Baby Powder Could Cause Cancer?

According to Reuters, Johnson & Johnson “knew for decades” that traces of asbestos had been found in its talc-based bath products. Reports of this date all the way back to the 1970s, yet they did not share this information with consumers or regulatory bodies.

Studies linking baby powder to ovarian cancer go back just as far. Researchers noted talc particles embedded in ovarian cancer tumors.

Now, we know why: talcum powder has been known to contain traces of a cancer-causing substance called asbestos. In nature, asbestos deposits can form near talc deposits, resulting in contamination during the mining process.

Aside from ovarian cancer, prolonged exposure to talc-based baby powder may also cause lung cancer and mesothelioma.


Talc Baby Powder Lawsuit Outcomes

The fight for justice on behalf of baby powder cancer victims continues as courts repeatedly side with victims against Johnson & Johnson. The company has paid hundreds of millions in damages so far. They’re doing everything they can to avoid accountability, but the people they’ve hurt aren’t giving up.

Recently, Johnson & Johnson attempted to evade paying victims by moving the liability of some 38,000 lawsuits to a subsidiary company. That subsidiary would then file for bankruptcy, effectively snuffing out hope for tens of thousands of victims. A judge saw through this tactic, forcing the company to shift its strategy. Now, they’ve agreed to pay $9 billion to settle current and future baby powder cancer lawsuits.

Johnson & Johnson had previously attempted to contest a $2 billion verdict handed down to a group of women who alleged they developed ovarian cancer after using baby powder. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the company’s appeal.

As people continue to come forward, Johnson & Johnson will have to pay. Duncan|Stubbs is actively taking on new cases and is ready to hear your story.

How Duncan|Stubbs Can Help

Since 2016, Duncan|Stubbs has represented over 10,000 clients who claim they developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after using baby powder for years because they believed it was safe. Each and every case is handled and fought with the utmost care, led by some of the most respected and experienced lawyers in the field.

We understand that every story is different, and so a personalized legal strategy is key. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality here.

Finally, we have a proud reputation of refusing to back down until our clients receive maximum compensation. Litigation will continue until we go to trial, or Johnson & Johnson pays clients what they’re owed–no less.

Duncan|Stubbs talcum powder lawsuits are pending around the country, and we are currently accepting new cases to ensure as many victims as possible receive compensation. Our number one goal is ensuring our clients receive their maximum payout. If we do not win your case, we will not charge for our services.

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