Our Approach

Not every firm can rightfully claim to have changed the landscape of law in America, but we at Duncan|Stubbs can. We have gained a reputation as “the immovable object in mass litigation.”

We regularly represent thousands of individuals against a single negligent corporation, spreading the word of corporate wrongdoing throughout the country to protect future generations from harm. We have continuously brought strategic litigation in state and federal courts throughout the country, accompanied by a select group of lawyers who have specialized in jury trials, state consolidated litigation, and federal consolidated litigation.

What to Expect

Contact us for your no-cost case review. We can quickly determine if you may qualify for a settlement.
Tell us your story. By understanding your goals, we can develop the best legal strategy for your case.
We’ll get to work for you. That includes asking permission to gather your medical records and any other key evidence.
We’ll use our financial, medical, and expert legal resources to build and fight your case. We won’t stop until we’ve secured the money you’re owed.

Our firm believes every person’s story matters. That’s why we are committed to handling every case with the care and diligence it deserves, carefully aligning the client’s objectives with the facts to develop the best legal strategy. That includes hand-selecting the right law firm to join us as we bring the fight to the appropriate jurisdiction and venue, based on the facts of each case.

Through it all, we never lose sight of the fact that some clients want–and deserve–their day in court. Unlike some law firms, we want to give it to them. There are times when filing lawsuits together with similar cases is the right call to increase the strength of all cases. However, we always seek to file lawsuits individually so a jury of our clients’ peers can evaluate liability and damages for one specific case and issue a verdict.

Duncan|Stubbs exists for one reason: to maximize client recovery. We have the legal and financial strength to maintain litigation and continue jury trials until that objective is met, ensuring justice is served and our clients are fairly compensated.

Serving the People Since 2016

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