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In 2016, Duncan|Stubbs, along with three select law firms, began researching the connection between Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Roundup. Since then, more than 20,000 clients have trusted Duncan|Stubbs and its lawyers to represent them against Monsanto, the maker of Roundup. Duncan|Stubbs will continue to represent clients in this litigation until the cases go to trial or until Monsanto pays a fair settlement to the Duncan|Stubbs clients it harmed. Duncan|Stubbs Roundup lawsuits are pending throughout the country. Some were filed together with similar cases, and others filed individually for a jury to determine liability and damages. Read More

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Talcum Powder

In 2016, Duncan|Stubbs joined forces with three renowned law firms to investigate the link between ovarian cancer and Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, which contains talc. Over 10,000 clients have put their trust in Duncan|Stubbs and its lawyers to lead their fight against Johnson & Johnson since then. Duncan|Stubbs will not back down until Johnson & Johnson pays these clients what they are owed. Duncan|Stubbs Talc lawsuits are currently pending in New Jersey Bankruptcy Court, where Johnson & Johnson has attempted to avoid paying fair settlement amounts through bankruptcy. Read More

Medical Devices



In 2016, Duncan|Stubbs and partner law firms began filing lawsuits over the IVC filter medical devices that caused life-threatening injuries (fracture, migration, perforation of the vein) to thousands of individuals. As these devices continue to injure patients, more than 10,000 clients have chosen Duncan|Stubbs and its partner firms to seek justice through litigation from three IVC manufacturers. This fight will continue until manufacturers are held accountable for their negligence and Duncan|Stubbs clients receive maximum recoveries.


Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh medical devices have caused and continue to cause serious health complications in the abdomen and surrounding areas. In 2017, Duncan|Stubbs began filing lawsuits against the device manufacturers to hold them accountable for the damage they caused to thousands of people. Over the years, more than 10,000 victims have enlisted the help of our firm and partner firms to hold three hernia mesh manufacturers accountable. Litigation is ongoing and Duncan|Stubbs will not let up until clients receive justice.

Prescription Drugs



Zantac has been linked to a variety of deadly cancers, ruining the lives of people who believed the medication was safe. Duncan|Stubbs and its partner firms set to work in 2020, filing lawsuits against drug manufacturers who failed to protect consumers. We have represented over 10,000 clients in the years since and will continue to pursue ongoing litigation until clients are awarded a fair settlement. Read More



After learning that Truvada is connected to kidney disease and bone damage, Duncan|Stubbs, joined by two other prestigious law firms, jumped into action. More than 5,000 clients have turned to Duncan|Stubbs for legal guidance and representation as they attempt to fight back against the manufacturers responsible. The fight will continue until clients are paid the damages they deserve.



When scientific research showed a link between use of the drug Taxotere and permanent hair loss, Duncan|Stubbs stepped in on behalf of consumers. Beginning in 2018, with the help of partner firms, Duncan|Stubbs filed lawsuits against drug manufacturers, representing over 3,000 individuals who deserve reasonable compensation. Litigation will continue until this goal is met and clients receive what they’re owed.