Due to its insulation and heat resistant properties, asbestos has long been a popular material for construction and manufacturing. However, as early as 1918, researchers have warned about the serious health hazards associated with exposure to asbestos. In the 1940s, a study of German workers linked asbestos exposure to mesothelioma for the first time.

Since then, exposure to asbestos has been confirmed as the only known cause of terminal pleural mesothelioma.

When asbestos is broken down or disturbed, it can create a fine dust that settles in the lungs or stomach when inhaled. Any worker whose job involves processing or handling asbestos carries a heavy risk of developing mesothelioma. There are also documented cases of household members developing the disease after being exposed to asbestos fibers brought home on the clothes or skin of those who work with asbestos.

Unfortunately, this disease is extremely aggressive and deadly. There is no cure for most patients who are diagnosed.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawsuit History

After exposure to asbestos, it can take anywhere from 20 to 60 years to develop mesothelioma. It wasn’t until the 1970s that litigation began popping up to address the health effects of asbestos. Once courts began to decide that victims no longer needed to show negligence on the part of asbestos manufacturers to win their case, lawsuits began pouring in. Litigation accelerated throughout the 1980s and 90s.

To date, the largest mesothelioma/asbestos verdict recorded is $250 million, awarded in 2003 to a man who worked for U.S. Steel for 30 years. The amount was later settled for $50 million. That same year, a Pennsylvania man was awarded $47 million in his claim against KeySpan, the company that owns the power plants he used to work for.

Justice for Future Victims

While it is still possible to file a claim directly against asbestos companies, many of them have been shuttered for decades. Luckily, as these companies filed for bankruptcy, some also established trust funds so victims could receive the compensation they deserve.

There are billions of dollars in settlement funds set aside in these trusts. As we continue to see people harmed by asbestos, often receiving their mesothelioma diagnosis years after actually being exposed, trust funds play an important role in ensuring they and their families can claim some sort of justice.

How Duncan|Stubbs Can Help

Mesothelioma litigation is highly complex, but Duncan|Stubbs has a long history of successfully fighting on behalf of victims and their families to hold asbestos manufacturing companies accountable.

How a mesothelioma case is fought and won varies greatly from one plaintiff to the next. If you or a loved one were diagnosed after asbestos exposure, you can rest assured Duncan|Stubbs knows how to use your unique story to build a winning case.

Most importantly, our highly successful mesothelioma attorneys will not back down until you receive maximum compensation.

We Are Accepting Mesothelioma Cases

Duncan|Stubbs mesothelioma lawsuits are pending around the country, and we are currently accepting new cases to ensure as many victims as possible receive compensation.

As always, Duncan|Stubbs charges nothing for its services unless a settlement is awarded.