Paraquat is a chemical commonly used as a herbicide in the U.S. agricultural and commercial farming industries since the 1960s. It’s cost-effective and fast-acting, making it one of the most popular herbicides in the United States.

However, it is extremely toxic. So much so that only licensed professionals may use it. It’s most harmful when ingested, but skin contact and inhalation carry their own risks.

Paraquat is so toxic, in fact, that the European Union banned its use in 2007, after scientists discovered a convincing link between exposure to the chemical and Parkinson’s disease. Studies shared by the Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council to members of U.S. Congress found that individuals exposed to paraquat as a teen or young adult were between 200 and 600 percent more likely to develop the disease later in life.

Despite multiple legislative efforts in the U.S., paraquat remains on the market, governed by a slew of safety measures to limit its harm to applicators and communities alike.

Paraquat Can Affect Entire Communities

Although paraquat use is restricted to licensed applicators, they are not the only ones at risk of exposure and disease. Those who live close to commercial farms or agricultural centers where the chemical is used are also at risk of exposure through spray drift or water contamination. Likewise, those who live with commercial farmers or agricultural workers, like spouses or children, are also at risk through coming into contact with contaminated clothing or equipment.

Justice Is Coming

Although financial reports from Syngenta–a major manufacturer of paraquat–suggest lawsuits were filed as early as 2016, litigation is pending. Most claims come from commercial farms and agricultural workers who allege exposure to paraquat caused them to develop Parkinson’s disease, or other illnesses like kidney disease.

How Duncan|Stubbs Can Help

Duncan|Stubbs is prepared to leverage our financial and legal strength to bring the fight to paraquat manufacturers on behalf of the hardworking people this product has harmed. We are carefully watching all current lawsuits and will use any future outcomes to inform how we build cases.

Some of the best lawyers in the country are standing by to lend their expertise to those who need it, offering personalized legal care and winning strategies that can result in maximum settlements. Our services serve one purpose, and that is to ensure these clients receive what they are owed.

We Are Accepting Paraquat Cases

Duncan|Stubbs is taking on new paraquat cases to bring justice and closure to individuals and families who have suffered needlessly.

As always, we do not charge for our services if we do not win.